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Service Description

Brow Tint

$40 | 30 minutes

Brow tinting

Commitment issues? Our brow tint is the perfect solution until you are ready for permanent brows. Brow tinting is a technique that leaves a stain of color on the skin providing the illusion of fuller brow.

Ombré Powder Brows

$597 | 3 hours

Microshaded brows

Semi-permanent tattoo that gives a soft and natural blended look within your brows to create a shape that compliments your features. Once healed, the results extremely natural, similar to powdered brows. This is for virgin brows only; NO previous work. 

6-12 Week Touch Up

$175 | 2 hours

Microshaded brows

To achieve the desired results, it is recommended to schedule a touch up appointment 6-12 weeks after the initial appointment. This appointment will correct and recolor areas that may have healed lighter than others.

Must have had original service done by Inksthetics!

12-18 Month Color Boost

$325 | 2 hours

Microshaded brows

Over time, the pigment naturally fades so your brows may not appear as vibrant as they once did. A color boost will give your brows a fresh enhancement. 

Must have had original service done by Inksthetics!

Cover Up / Correction

$697 | 3 hours

Microshaded brows

For clients who had their brows done by another artist. Appointment will require review and approval by the technician prior to scheduling. Please upload 3 clear photos of your brows to your New Client Form to obtain approval to schedule this service. 

Over 18 Month Color Boost

$375 | 3 hours

Microshaded brows

For clients who did not schedule a 12-18 month color boost. Due to the additional time without a touch up, pigment may be more faded and require additional time to refresh.

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